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Safety is our number one concern!

COVID MITIGATION DISCLAIMER: The event organizers will monitor CDC protocols in place the weekend of the event. When you cannot physically distance, please wear a mask or face covering. Hand washing stations and hand sanitizer will be available on the event grounds. Hand sanitizer will also be available at each check point. Please help us in preventing the spread of any germs, COVID or otherwise.

All participants are required to attend a drivers meeting where rules, safety procedures and the route will be covered in detail.

Driving aggressively and endangering participants will not be tolerated.

Drinking and driving is against the law and very dangerous.


Equipment & Safety

Only Arizona residents must have an Off-Highway Vehicle Decal on their vehicle which is issued by the Motor Vehicle Division in Lake Havasu City. If you would like more information, please visit, click on “Off-Highway Vehicle Decal” located at the bottom of the home page.


To avoid dehydration, it is recommended that you bring plenty of drinking water. This course can be a bit rough for most vehicles so spare tires, tools, parts etc. are recommended. This is a 40+ mile course with varying terrains so additional fuel should be carried on each vehicle. There will be no running water or fuel on the course available.


The course is approximately 40 miles long. There will be five check points, each of which will be visibly marked on the trail accordingly. The routes will be marked with red arrows, and red flags which will be explained in further detail at the Driver’s Meeting.


Note that the Poker Run does not have exclusive use of the trails for the event. TWO-WAY MOTORCYCLE, ATV, EQUESTRIAN, AND PEDESTRIAN TRAFFIC MAY EXIST AT ANY TIME! USE CAUTION AND CONTROL YOUR SPEED!


The Poker Run is an organized Trail Ride, NOT A RACE.

If you are being overtaken by a faster rider, please pull over when safe to do so and allow faster riders to pass. If you overtake a rider, please pass safely and courteously. Remember you will be sharing the trail with novices. CONTROL YOUR SPEED! A participant may be disqualified from this event for any unsportsmanlike conduct, illegal activity, or failure to abide by any of the conditions or rules of the event at the discretion of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Colorado River.



All Minors (Children under 18) MUST have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian in order to participate. Parent/Guardian present at the event will be required to sign a minor waiver form at registration and ID will be required. If the Parent/Guardian will not be present, the adult supervising the child must bring a minor waiver form, signed by the parent or legal guardian. No children under the age of 4 are permitted on this run.

Additional safety information is:

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